How to Create a Business Account on Twitter? (2020 Guide)

Twitter, one of the most used social media platforms globally, offers an advantageous Business Account service that can be used by corporate brands. Companies looking for Twitter for marketing can benefit from many basic tools to run their Business account. Creating a special twitter marketing strategy through analytics systems offered exclusively to Twitter accounts is also the main return of using Twitter. Here is the step-by-step answer to how to create a business account question!

How to Start a Twitter Business Account?      

  1. First of all, choose your profile photo and header photo from the options that will suit your corporate identity. Your profile photo should be 400×400 in size, and your header photo should be 1500×500 pixels in size.
  2. Choose a display name and account name. To leave behind other twitter accounts and create a difference, be sure you reflect yourself with your Twitter account name.
  3. If you wish, you can open a new Twitter account and communicate with your customers to provide customer care services.
  4. You can use the twitter analytics system to analyze your potential customers’ behavior or create a Twitter marketing strategy.
  5. Prepare your biography briefly to give Twitter users basic information about yourself. Add your website to the bio.
  6. Use a pinned tweet stating your Ongoing sale or promotion. In this way, everyone who visits you will be informed about your campaigns.

Connect Twitter to Facebook Page

  1. Sign in to your Twitter account.
  2. There should be a menu icon in the upper right corner. See this drop-down menu and click here.
  3. Click the Profile button.
  4. Select the Post your Tweets to the Facebook button.
  5. Click on Sign in to Facebook.
  6. Hit on Connect Your Accounts.
  7. Click Save Changes

Twitter Business Account FAQs

Is Twitter Analytics useful for a business profile?

Yes. Seeing the interaction analysis of your target audience makes optimization work easier.

Can I advertise on Twitter?

Of course!

Is Twitter a secure business management tool?

Yes. Twitter is entirely safe.

Conclusion: Creating An Account on Twitter 

You can use Twitter Business account for your company to rich your target audience faster and safer. Check our blog post here to know how the Twitter algorithm works.

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