How to Write a Good Instagram Bio? (Complete 2020 Guide)

If you have an Instagram account, and it is essential for you to introduce yourself to people, you need to use an excellent Instagram bio. Moreover, this is an even higher requirement for business profiles. Besides the best and creative Instagram biography ideas, it is imperative to use a ‘biography’ that really reflects you and clearly states what you are doing on Instagram. 

How to Make a Cool Instagram Bio?

So, how to write a good Instagram biography? Here are a few basic tricks for you:

  1. Say your name! Yes, the name of you! Bring yourself closer to your followers. You can use your nickname or a mascot name that reflects your brand in the bio.
  2. What service do you provide in the Instagram account you use? If this is a personal account, what are your skills and features you want to stand out? This could be your hobby, talent, or interest you want to show others. You can also indicate the core values ​​that you want to protect as a brand.
  3. Use keywords that will appear integral with story highlights. Express yourself with shortcuts: beauty, nature lover, animal rights activist, elegance, comfort, coolness, or much more. A large number of keywords can refer to a brand or individual. With 150 characters, write a good Instagram bio to impress others.

Put a Link in Bio

Direct your followers by placing the link of your website, blog page, or other social media account you want to highlight in the Instagram Bio section.

Instagram FAQs

What features should an bio have?

Easy to read, clear, impressive, interesting!

Should I say “click the link” on bio?

It isn’t necessary. Just paste the link there!

Does using an bio quote damage my credibility and originality?

No, on the contrary, use cool things that you think express yourself.

Conclusion: Writing A Good Instagram Bio

Planning your Instagram bio correctly, organizing it in an easy-to-read and descriptive way allows you to introduce yourself to more people and create a cool profile quickly. Check our blog post about how to recover a hacked Instagram account to prevent your account from being hacked beforehand.

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