Instagram Questions Stickers Update Now on Live

Instagram keep updating stories and have great results on it. Instagram Questions Stickers let users get question from other users and answer it.

These all updates not only increase Instagram but also kill Snapchat.

Instagram almost every month provide us a new feature and all of them have a great success. This shows us Instagram developer make a great job.

New feature let you ask a question and shows it in stories, if other users wants to ask a question you will be able to see the question.

If you want you can share the answers in your stories.

But don’t worry your answers will be shared as anonymus unless if your name wasn’t written in story.

Next month we can see a new update related with Instagram Question Stickers and it could be Instagram Answers Stickers.

Instagram Questions Stickers

Instagram Answers Stickers will be basicly depend on question of users to story owner.

It means they will ask you question and you are goint to answer it.

This update very important because appearently it is goint to change hashtags too.

Soon we can see more question hashtags and usage.

How to ask questions in Instagram

First off, make sure you’ve got the latest version of the Instagram app – check your App Store for any updates.

Then simply follow these steps:

  • First, take a photo or video in Instagram – just like you would when posting a Story
  • Then open the sticker tray (the smiley icon in the top right corner)
  • Choose the question sticker from the list
  • Next, type out your question prompt
  • Place it wherever you like on your Story
  • Then simply share your Story

When your friends see the question sticker, they’ll be able to tap to reply.

They can reply as many times as they want, directly from the sticker.

You’ll be able to see your friends’ responses in your Story’s viewer list.

Instagram will not stop about this kind of updates and it will the app more fun and engagements.

When we speak about engagements we should reconsider about Instagram algorithm which change the rule of Instagram.

As you know algorithm make you more visible or invisible in the app. If you want to be more visible you should follow some rules.

Lets talk about these very important rules:

  • You have to post regularly and between some exact time interval.
  • Time interval means the day and time that you should post
  • You should use hashtags but wşthout spamming. Because Instagram lets you post 30 hashtags and if you spamming about hashtags your rate will be decreased by Instagram.
  • You could use tags also will give you direct engagements but always remember do not spamming.

But this is not the only update, Instagram now shows you the last post you have seen and says this is it you have seen all post for now.

Actually this is not a good update for Instagram usage but it provides more efficient usage.

We can say this update is good for everyone but Instagram itself.

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