What Is an Instagram Challenge? (2020 Challenge List)

What makes Instagram, today’s most popular app, the most fun, is its challenges. Instagram challenges are getting more creative and different day by day. Today, we’re going to talk about popular Instagram challenges. Now, let’s see what an Instagram challenge.

Popular Instagram Challenges

Some of the popular Instagram challenges are;

Women Supporting Women Challenge

Recently, many women share their black and white photos on Instagram. This trend is a movement for women to support each other. It started as a response to femicide, and famous names have begun to join this challenge too. You can take your place in this challenge by sharing a black and white photo of yourself and inviting a few of your female friends to this challenge.

Let’s Dance Challenge

As the name suggests, this challenge consists of videos containing various dance styles. All you have to do is make a dance choreography and shoot it on a video. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or not. You can take part in this challenge with a simple and fun dance video.

30 Day Instagram Challenge

This challenge is a bit far-reaching. It’s a type of challenge where you post specific posts on Instagram Story for 30 days. These posts can change as sharing songs or sharing photos in certain categories for 30 days. It’s easy to find a challenge type that suits you, as it has so many options.

Gesture Instagram Challenge

This challenge is a trend where Instagram users try to quickly imitate the emojis that appear on the screen by animating the emojis with their hands. Users participate in the challenge by animating these emojis with their hands in limited time. You should take your place in the Gesture Challenge, which is a very fun and ambitious challenge.

Stay Alive Challenge

This challenge is a survival challenge against life. To prevent the rising rates of suicide and depression, this trend called Stay Alive was initiated. This challenge informs people about suicide prevention. If you like a photo with this hashtag, you will receive a message to post such a post like this. So you can participate in this Instagram challenge.

Instagram Challenge FAQs

How do you perform the challenges on Instagram?

Start by opening the story’s camera and filming your challenge. Once you’re done filming, open the stickers plate and hit the challenge sticker. 

How do you make hand challenges on Instagram?

Using Instagram on your phone, find your way to @i.m.noel’s account, tap on the middle tab to draw up filters, and you’ll find it there called Gesture Challenge. Hitting on that will reveal how it runs and if you want to try, just hit the ‘Try it’ choice.

What does the challenge required mean on Instagram?

The challenge required means that Instagram wants you to prove that you are human and that you are the account owner. Because you are logging in from your web server, simply login to your account via the official website, or your mobile device should fix it within one to two tries.

Instagram Challenge Conclusion

Unlike online contests, which always offer one or more prizes, users win nothing in Instagram challenges. Despite this, however, they work well on social photography because they allow you to share your belonging to a community, highlighting your values and characteristics. In any case, precisely because the participants will not get anything in return (understood as material objects of economic value), it is good that the challenges are within everyone’s reach and simple to perform. This way, you’ll be able to get good participation and successfully achieve your goals. If your account ever gets hacked, you can check our blog post about how to recover a hacked Instagram account here.

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