What Is the Purpose of TikTok? (TikTok Explained)

As a Chinese-based company, Tiktok has quickly become one of the social media platforms that gained popularity around the world. Designed for sharing short music videos, Tiktok is the new version of Musical.ly. The purpose of Tiktok is that, in this community, you can share videos with 15 seconds or less with music and express yourself. You can use Tiktok, which has million monthly active users, to create a short-form video.

What Is TikTok Dance?

Among the many social media app options, Tiktok is extremely popular, especially with dance videos shared. Users who manage to share many difficult choreographies successfully with a 15-second video start new challenges or trends. Some of the most preferred songs in TikTok dance videos so far are as follows:

  1. Savage Remix (ft. Beyoncé) – Megan Thee Stallion
  2. Flatbed Freestyle – Playboi Carti
  3. Party Girl -StaySolidRocky
  4. Hot Girl – Megan Thee Stallion
  5. Work Out – J. Cole

You can find millions of TikTok users dancing to the above songs.

What Are the Challenges on TikTok?

The primary purpose of Tiktok is to enable users to share short videos. However, despite the advantages, the Tiktok is a subject of discussion in the USA. It can even be banned soon. There are some countries around the world where Tiktok is not welcome by the government. Moreover, in some countries, people working in high positions such as soldiers are also prohibited from using this app. Because to download TikTok to your phone, you need to give almost all access permissions to reach your phone to the app. This app can be downloaded from App stores or Google Play. Moreover, it requests access to all confidential information on your phone and makes changes to your phone.

FAQs About The Purpose of TikTok

Is it safe to use TikTok?

When you download TikTok without giving these permissions, you cannot use many features of the app. So in practice, you have to provide TikTok with lots of access grants not related to the service you get from the app.

Why many countries banned Tiktok?

Tiktok is an app that is criticized by various experts around the world. Because the wat it observes, share, and hide data is not welcome by security experts.

How to open a TikTok account?

You can download the Tiktok app on your phone and follow the instructions.

Conclusion: The Purpose of TikTok

You can download TikTok to take funs and trend TikTok videos, but be aware of the main concerns about the application.

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